Other Movie Review Sites

The Parallax Review - Brand, spanking new site.  Contributors (including me) look at current releases, the movies that always seem to be popping up on cable, and other features, like Script to Screen and Movie Defender.

Sci-Fi Movie Page - News and reviews of, well, sci-fi movies.

The Movie Insider - Informational site with a whole bunch of stuff, including some reviews from yours truly. - Fellow OFCSer Dustin Putman is just a bit younger than I am, and I can say I'm insanely jealous.  Great reviews, great looking site.

The Flick Filosopher - MaryAnn Johanson is, quite possibly, the funniest, cleverest, wittiest critic on the web. (She quotes me on this on her What Others Say page, so now I doubly love her.)

SPLICEDwire - Rob Blackwelder's site is full of insightful reviews and interviews with famous people. He's on hiatus and will hopefully be back soon.

Bucket Reviews - Danny Baldwin is back!  Read his well written (and sometimes politically charged) reviews. - Jeremy Heilman's movie madness site features reviews of current releases, classics, a screening log, and that weird out-of-100 rating scale that seems to be getting popular for some reason.

The Cinematheque - How'd I miss this site before?  Nicely done.  Includes The Top 10 Project, an ambitious and continuing effort to chronicle the ten best films ever made by asking multiple important and knowledgeable sources--including myself for some reason.

Hollywood Chicago - Fellow CFCAer Adam Fendelman's site, full of news, reviews (film, DVD, TV, and theater), and interviews, all from a--you guessed it--Chicago perspective.

Film and Felt - Gabe Leibowitz' sports, poker, and movie review site.

The Jujube - Reviews of new releases and spotlights on the classics.

The Critic Doctor - It took this long for someone to think of this idea?  I guess people love critics too much to say they disagree with what they have to say occasionally.

Paul's Eye - "All in one blink."  Nice looking site with reviews.  Also includes automotive and sports sections, if you're into that kind of thing.

James Berardinelli's ReelViews - Very comprehensive site with lots of reviews from one of the senior online critics (in terms of longevity, not age).


Other Movie Resources

Rotten Tomatoes - A great resource to see what the majority of critics thought (and then baselessly bash them in the comments section).

The Internet Movie Database - The place to find info about movies.

Online Film Critics Society - "[T]he premiere international organization of film critics who post their printed movie reviews exclusively or primarily online."  How did I get in?  Check out the end-of-the-year Awards and some recent Press Releases, including the Top 100 Sci-Fi List, the Top 100 Villains List, and the Top 100 Animated Features (more will be coming).

Chicago Film Critics Association - The official website of the other professional critics' organization of which I'm a member.

Movie Review Query Engine - Looking for a review of a movie?  Just type in the title and see a whole bunch.

Find Movie Reviews - Here you'll find a pretty comprehensive list of film critics with links to their sites. - Features static images from movies. - The most popular place to buy stuff, I think. - Lots of posters.

DVD Beaver - My new favorite home media (DVD and Blu-ray) review site.  The screen captures and comparisons are indispensible.

The Digital Bits - Great home media news/reviews site.  They also have a book The Digital Bits Insider's Guide to DVD available. - The other great home media news/reviews site.


Independent Filmmakers

Very Scary Productions - An independent digital filmmaker primarily specializing in the horror genre.

Shades of Day - An independent filmmaking site dedicated to making films "based on original stories and the masterpieces of the world literature..."


Random Insanity

RiffTrax - Do you miss "Mystery Science Theater 3000?"  I know I do.  Well, Mike Nelson and some of the "MST3K" cast is back.

Homestar Runner - "Everybody!  Everybody!"  Lots of immature (and really funny) stuff.  My favorite: The Fluffy Puff Commercial.  First time there?  Check out the introduction.

The Onion - Too funny.  And the A.V Club ain't too bad either.


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