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3 Stars (out of 4)

Director: Peter Bogdanovich

Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Edward Herrmann, Eddie Izzard, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Tilly, 

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sexuality, a scene of violence and brief drug use)

Running Time: 1:50

Release Date: 4/12/02

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Capsule review by Mark Dujsik

A fascinating tale of Hollywood yore about an unsolved murder that happened on a weekend yacht trip organized by William Randolph Hearst (Edward Herrmann), The Cat’s Meow contains the same kind of intelligent class observation that was featured in Gosford Park. The script by Steven Peros (based on his play) gleefully indulges in studying the lives and, mostly, the affairs of some of early Hollywood’s most prominent personalities. Fine performances all around, particularly from Herrmann, who captures the insecurity of one of America’s most powerful men in history, Eddie Izzard, who plays Charlie Chaplin’s more serious, understated side, Jennifer Tilly as a bubbly movie critic who manages to always put her foot in her mouth, and Kirsten Dunst as Marion Davies, the ingénue. This isn’t what really happened (no one knows for certain) but a presentation of "the whisper told most often."

Copyright © 2002 by Mark Dujsik. All rights reserved.

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